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Welcome to the  b i b l e . c o m / y o u t h  section!

As you can see, we are still in the initial stages of developing this site. We hope that you will come back often as we update and expand it.

We want you to feel at home here--no matter what background you've come from, or who you are. You may be struggling with your faith. You may confused about many issues. You may not even be sure that you believe in God, but somehow you ended up on this page.

You may think of yourself as an “average Christian” or maybe you already know that there is a high and holy call of God on your life
to live
to shine
to breathe
to die
for the glory of God.

Maybe you just want to be closer to God and to know Him for yourself-- not just because of what other people told you about Him, but because of what He has spoken to you.

That is a great place to start.

He is real. He wants to speak to you. He loves you.


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