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Personal Word from the Millers


All of the praise goes to God for the things that He is doing through this website. We are honored and humbled to simply "come along for the ride." We never would have imagined how we could be ministering to so many age groups, nationalities, and denominations all at once! We are having more hits to our site than we originally had ever dreamed possible. We haven't even advertised our site so this is truly the work of the Holy Spirit! It is exciting to anticipate what the Lord might do with a medium such as this in the future. We have only seen the very tip of the iceberg.

If you don't have a missionary outreach and would like to help us reach the world through this new medium, please seek the Lord about helping us. This is one of the most cost-effective means of sending the gospel all over the world in the shortest period of time. Best of all, once the information is up, it is available for free to all who have access to the Internet--a number that grows daily by leaps and bounds.

The following is but a small compilation of some of the regular sorts of testimonies, requests, and input that we receive on a daily basis. Please understand that we share these letters with a humble and grateful heart. Our intent is not to boast, but simply to share some of the miraculous things that God is doing. All of the glory is HIS alone!

We believe these testimonies speak louder than anything else we could possibly say; so without further ado...Please read them and be blessed, as we have been!

His Grateful Servants,

Bud & Betty

"O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people." Psalm 105:1

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Is God Using Internet Ministry to Reach the World?

"Thank you for providing us the Bible online. This is one of the most precious gifts that anyone can receive."

"Not only does your site reveal the truth but it also lets people all around the world get to know who Jesus Christ is!"

"This is an unbelievable site and the wealth of information that's on there is priceless. You have no idea how much this site means to me and the information I gain from using it. May God bless you a double portion for all the time, effort and money you have invested and continue to invest."

"What a wonderful site to stumble upon...Isn't it great that Christianity is becoming a global village in contact internationally with God's wider movement? So exciting!"

"I have been a Christian for one day now! Yesterday, my net friend, grandma Mellie helped me to join. I am very happy because I can talk to God now. I do want to be a good Christian and follow God. But I haven't got a Bible, could you send me one?"

"I would like to share with you my deepest surprise, regarding the quality and contents of the Internet Ministry page. I find the opportunity to study the Bible through your course very attractive."

"This fulfills my expectations. It is very useful for teaching."

"I found your site by accident, but I like it. Finally there is something to look at in the Internet."

"I'm very happy that I found your site. All the time before I wanted to find the Bible on English. And also, to join to such a community. So, best wishes to you and success!"

"I think God led me here, while surfing aimlessly. I found your articles/ teaching material very inspiring and informative. It's amazing how God is using another dimension to reach out to people. I'll inform everyone in my church about this site, and I'll visit frequently."

"Hi. Greetings from Russia with love! I'm a member of the Church "The Holy Trinity." Please send me any available news. Thanks and God bless you."

"I would like to thank everyone at Christ Unlimited for the wonderful work that you are doing and will hope that the good Lord will give you the courage and strength to continue with his ministry. "

"Good work! It is much appreciated."

"I am an Indian student in Germany. In Stuttgart, there is a Srilankan Christian Tamils group known to me. They assemble every week for prayer, worship and Bible studies. But the major problem, they encounter is the lack of number of Bibles as most of them are refugees living with the care of German aid. They don't want a single dollar from you. All that they need is Bible. Please help them."

"I really enjoyed this site. It has a ton of excellent resources and I plan on visiting many times more. My good friend and former pastor told me of this grand site."

"I work for the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. I was informed of your website via a friend. It is superb!"

"I found it very helpful. It is very good to provide material on required topics specially to laymen."

"Thank God I found you! Praise the Lord."

"I'm very happy to know that I have friends and brothers all around the world. My family and I are Christian. We pray for you every day. Well, as you can see I really don't know a lot of English, but I'm trying to tell you that we love you very much as the family in Christ that we are. "

"I was very pleased when I saw your web and its contents. I would like to be one of your friends. I am waiting to hear Jesus's words through you, so do not let me down."

"Great site, glad I could finally find something interesting!"

"Please continue to do this good work that you are doing through the Net. It will be very useful for millions of software professionals. Your publications and articles are worth more than a million dollars."

"Here in the UAE we don't get to read much Christian literature, this being a Muslim country. This site is a good place for us to find enlightening articles."

"I think this is the Lord's amazing work to meet the believers in the world to encourage them. I am so glad to have a communication with you. Thank you for your friendly approach."

"Very interesting. I am interested in your topic of overcoming life and I would like to read more about it."

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Is Internet Ministry Accessible?

"I was very glad to find your website. It was God's way that I found your website. All I did was type bible in a search. These letters came automatically in my mind and your site came into my monitor. I truly thank God for this. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring unbelievers and lost Christians closer to God, our Lord and Savior. Going through your site, I was able to find answers to my problems."

"I was sitting at my desk one day, and was full of stress, and thought I would like to read my Bible. Unfortunately I forgot it at home, and thought for a moment, everything else is on the Internet, just maybe the Bible is too. And that is how I discovered your web site, and have shared it with other co-workers." T.R.

"WOW! Praise God! I just came on-line two weeks ago & a friend told me that almost everything has a www address. So I figured that the Bible must be there. And there it was! I'm so very excited that I can just come here so easily. Thank You for 'being here.' " N.Q.

"I just thought the name of it out and God led me here. I am from Bulgaria, and I am well pleased with your website."

"Today, just on a whim, I typed in "BIBLE" and was surprised to find that I found an actual website. I am writing now because I feel I have no one else to share my thoughts with at this time." R.K

"We thought the site was very helpful in our search for God. Thank you for making this web site easily accessible for us, first time Internet users." P.J.

"The Holy Spirit led me to your site for answers to my question. This site is just what I had been looking for and God has answered my prayer with this site. In it I found a great source of truth and knowledge." C.N

"Your wonderful interpretations are clearly Bible-based and right on target with scripture. I particularly enjoyed the section on the Bible itself--the background, history, themes, overview, etc. An excellent summary, extremely well said."

"I was encouraged by my visit to your site. I typed bible just to see what would come back. With a site name so powerful, I was impressed with your emphasis on balance."

"It was refreshing to come on-line at my very own High School right here in Alabama. I love you people for making such a joyful program that all teenagers (like me) can get a hold of. Keep striving to bring in more young and old to the Lord."

"You have a lot of information here. I think it is important that there are sites like this on the internet for people of all ages to look at and think about. This site was very easy to find, and I think that those who are looking for God can find Him through this site and benefit greatly." C.M.

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Is Internet Ministry Reaching the Lost?

"I need to commend your effort in putting this program on the web. This will help in no small way to ensure the spreading of the gospel to all the nooks and crannies of the world--our ultimate goal."

"I have prayed this prayer (salvation) in all sincerity. I need all the help I can get to persevere in my efforts to walk with God and to turn away from evil. God bless you in your work ."

"I am addicted to a drug called Nubain (Nalbuphine HCl). I need your prayers to release me from my addiction, please, and I am praying for you guys also. Today because of your web site, I invited God and Jesus into my heart! Thank You!"

"I think that this is a very beneficial site to the people of the world. I had been looking for a way to get saved and thanks to this site I found it. Thanks!!!!!"

"I am a student at Clemson University and I just prayed the prayer that I saw on your Internet site. Please pray that I become a very strong Christian and that I do not backslide."

"I am glad that you replied the e-mail that I sent. I gathered lots of inspiration from reading the message. I even talked to my parents about saying the prayer that I saw on the Internet site and they were happy and wanted to know more about it. I was overjoyed when I saw that you requested an address where you can send me a free book. Thank you!"

"I am searching for the truth. I wish I really knew what religion is right or wrong. When can I learn truth? Can you tell me what is the true religion with God, and WHY?"

"Pray for me, so that I do not feel so lonely and feel that I have some purpose in life, as life at this time to me seems so wasted. What is my purpose on this earth...why am I here?" P.B

"I have thought over and over the same question everyone asks, Why am I here? But I never seem to get an answer. Can you lead me in the general direction?"

"Thank you for helping me to understand God and realize the true meaning of God." S.L.

"Praise the Lord for sites such as this one to be a light in this dark world! I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to find this site. I have gained insight in different areas, and have even sent some of your Bible studies/Bible answers to a friend of mine in the Marines who was struggling with his faith! Keep up the great work!"

"You are giving a great many people hope with your Digest. One of those people happens to be my brother who is incarcerated. For the past three months I have been sending him copies of your information off the Internet. He loves it." H.H.

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Is Internet Ministry Reaching the Youth?

"I am so glad to have found your website. I am raising two Christian boys and they are Internet active. My biggest concern is the lack of "wholesome" sites for them to visit. Yours will assist them in their quest for knowledge of the Lord and in discovering who they are and their mission in life through the Bible."

" I really enjoy being able to come home after school and go onto the Internet and find something that isn't all about sex or crime or drugs or enemies or war, but about Jesus Christ, which is my favorite topic on earth..."

"Hello. I am only 14 years old but I want you to know that I loved reading your articles. They really touched my heart and make me realize that the Lord is the right way!"

"I am 16 years old. I have read the prayer and meant it. I believe in Jesus and love him. I am a Baptist and have been Baptized. Please send me more information on how to be a Christian."

"Hello, I am 16 years old. I would like you to pray for me. This past week I have been in a battle with the devil and I have been real hateful with my family. I have been a Christian for almost a year and I would not trade this life for nothing. I just need your prayers to help me through." T. A.

"Hi, I just found this web site. I thought it might be good to use because there doesn't seem to be anyone I can talk to about any of my problems that won't go tell someone else or get really mad at me. I'm 14 and I have a lot of drug and alcohol problems that I want to get rid of. I'd really like some prayer."

"I am a seventeen year old high school student that knows time is at an end and have been worried that I may end up going to Hell for not helping others find God. I need strength and guidance to make it through these teen years. I would really appreciate your prayers and thank you for developing this page and also for your help." A.C.

"I thank God for using you through online technology to spread His love. I am a 17 year old guy. I am here to ask you to please pray for me. I really feel so alone. And there are a lot of times that I get depressed and feel that I can't do anything to fix my life and go back on the right path. I feel so empty inside. Why? Please I really need your prayers and help. I really hope you can pray for me and enlighten me with some advice from the Bible and God. Please help."

"I'm just a newborn in Christ! I love HIM and can't wait to learn His word. I'm 16 and really appreciate this page!!"

"I am a high school junior and I am trying to devote my life to the glory and majesty of God, and his son Jesus Christ. Please pray for myself and the young adults my age! I love you all for doing this (website), it is a gift that we can enjoy forever!" C.B.S.

"I am a 15-going-on-16-year-old who just returned from a month on the mission field in Hungary. I found your site as I was surfing today and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your dedication and selflessness." S.T.

"I think this web site is great and people of all ages should see it, even teenagers like me. I'm only thirteen but I have a lot of faith in God." C.B.

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Is the Internet Ministry Prayer Room Working?

"I am a Wesleyan pastor who just happened to stumble upon your web page. I appreciate your willingness to pray for others. I believe it is important that we lift one another up in prayer. Thank you."

"Thank you for the opportunity to send in my prayer requests. I praise the Lord for this opportunity to hand my burdens over to Him."

"Thank you so much for your reply. I can really feel that you care and that means a lot to me...Just knowing that you are there, offering me prayerful support touches my heart deeply."

"I am from Barbados, West Indies. Your web site is great. Whenever I'm feeling down, I visit your prayer room."

"I received your message and thanks so much for praying for my family and me. I had printed it so that when I feel bad or I feel something is going to go wrong I repeat the verses that you have quoted, and then it makes me feel better. "

"Thank you so much for getting back to me. I appreciate it that you took the time to answer my questions. I am so glad that there are people in the world like you, bringing the gospel to others in every way they can. May the Lord bless you and continue to keep His hand in your ministry."

"When I wrote to you last pm requesting prayer for my wayward son, I was lacking in the necessary faith. After visiting your site, I was able to gain the faith to give my son's care over to the Lord. Thank you so much for your prayers and comforting scriptures." R. B.

"I recently became a Christian and I can't begin to tell you how much I believe that your prayers are a direct line for me to God. Thank you so much. The two of you and your ministry are in my prayers daily. I feel so grateful to be a part of this kind of energy and purpose in the world." T.M.

"I am from Malaysia. I like the sharing in the prayer room site. So much of good advice and other insight of Christian prayer. Thank you so much, it is so refreshing. My mind is renewing when I was reading it."

"Thank you all for praying for my situation. I am seeing results from your prayer and mine. I thank God for this program on the Internet. It helps when you're having a bad day at work." P.M

"Please pray for me, my family, and my friend. God knows what is happening between us. I am so weak to be able to pray myself. I am a student from Madagascar who is studying for a year in Italy, and I feel very alone. Thank you for listening to me, because really I need someone to talk to and express my feelings."

"Thank you for your responses to my request for my sister. I'm most grateful for your caring Christian nature and for giving me the Scriptures to read. With God's help and the prayers of loving Christians, I'm claiming the victory. Many, many thanks"

"The Prayer for God's Children hit the right place. I needed that. I plan to visit you often. May He bless you abundantly and continue to use you to reach the unsaved and those saints that need refreshing"

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Is Internet Ministry Encouraging Other Ministers?

From a LUTHERAN CHURCH secretary:
"Your site is Awesome. I Hope that More people, Both Christian & Non find their way to Christ through your site."

From a young MINISTER:
"I was truly inspired and blessed by coming across your ministry on the net. There are so many carnal things available it's extremely good to see that Christ is also being magnified through this mean. I felt the anointing as I read through your web page and so I submit a request. I know better than to have just anyone pray for me. I believe by the Spirit of God that you are truly anointed and doing what you should be at this hour."

"I am very interested in sound biblical study and preaching resources. I am a seminary student but it seems as if I am sometimes missing something. If the cost is not prohibitive, I will purchase your materials. God Bless"

"This site has helped me to obtain my Masters of Divinity from the Memphis Theological Seminary." C.B.

"I consider your site as THE Christian Site. Is it possible to help me link our page to yours? I'm still very much an amateur on the net, so I would need your advice. Thank you again and God Bless you. We are putting you and your Ministry on our Intercessor's list."

From a young MINISTER:
"Thank you for sending me the free Bible School on diskette. I am beside myself, I can't thank you enough! Ever since I read your e-mail, I've been jumping with joy and praising the Lord."

"Thank you for this wonderful website. I am blessed! I printed the first five pages for reference...By your website the Lord is magnified and His anointing and favor on your ministry is clear!"

"One thing is for sure..your efforts are sincere and you are working to pave the streets of heaven with gold...Have already told as many of the youth I know and counsel about your site..."

"Your site is superb! Good help for us young Pastors!"

"I am so excited about finding information about GOD on the system here at my job. I am a single mom of three and I have been seeking ways to be able to reach young people by using information I find not only in the Bible but other material to inspire the youth. I am very pleased with what I've found in the "Bible Answers" page. I've already read and helped a young lady here at my job in reference to tattoos."

"It has been very encouraging to see your deep concern for the Word of God released to bring a fresh anointing and empowerment for His people."

From a PASTOR:
"This is one of the most informative and helpful sites on the Internet...I always make sure I mention it to my friends when in conversation."

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What Are Other Christians Saying?

"Your site is the #1 place on the Internet to find precise, and very accurate info on our Lord Jesus Christ." D.W.

"I was very pleased to find (by 'accident' of GOD) your site tonight. What a joy to read your doctrinal statement there to discover a 'true-to-the-WORD' ministry. How wonderful that in the midst of this virtual quagmire called the 'World Wide Web' there is an island of Faith, Grace and Truth--- a piece of 'solid ground' on which the lost may find refuge, hope and direction."

"Out of all the religious sites I've stumbled upon on the Internet, yours has kept my interest and I feel really comfortable reading your newsletter. I took it upon myself to do a newsletter for my church (Consolidated Baptist) on my computer at home. It is free and comes out monthly. Would it be o.k. if I use some of your articles (I would cite them of course) every now and then?" S.K.

"I read a number of your comments in the Bible answers section. I learned quite a few things and was impressed by the biblical truth you conveyed in your answers." G.G.

"My husband and I really enjoy all these different subjects that we can read about. Thank you for showing the exact location in the Bible to find what you are saying."

"This is great!! All truth. I'm sure glad I found this web site. Hopefully a lot of people will accept the truth after reading your page. There's so much watered down religion out there! This is what people need. Thanks!" K.S.

"I thank God for this website. Keep up the good work! This is a well-rounded, biblically sound ministry and I love your straightforward message. No compromise!"

"I enjoyed very much, finding that I could feast on manna on the Internet. The Holy Spirit is obviously guiding your ministry. I will keep you both in my prayers. These are topics that truly need to be brought to light to the world. May our Savior richly bless you!"

"I truly thank the Lord for your web site. I have really enjoyed visiting it for some time now, and I love the practical topics that you tackle."

"You don't seem to be afraid of the issues of our day." J.H.

"I have looked at dozens of Christian sites and none until now said anything of value. Yours is the first. The cults and Satanists are in the electronic highways and byways. We need to do the same. You are on the right track. Now take it further."

"I am excited about a web site that offers the Word and not just chat rooms full of people talking about nothing. It's about time for God's people to begin sharing His word and praying together, even if we're from different backgrounds and denominations." V.T.

"I am a Roman Catholic from the Philippines. I enjoyed surfing and finding webpages about religious articles. I have learned a lot from this site. Thank you very much and GOD bless you all !!!" R.B.

"Your web site has so much meat it's going to take me some days to get though it all. I spent a lot of time copying your web site and I for one am looking forward to what the Lord will be doing in my life because of your ministries. God Bless you and Keep you in his care."

"It is so refreshing to go into your website after a long and often times depressing day and read about Christ's love. Your Bible studies often feed me when I cannot make it to class. As a social worker, I find that my faith in the Lord helps me be the best I can be for all my clients and with your words and thoughts it gives me the extra strength I need to get through. Thank you!"

"I went home yesterday with information that I had pulled off your Website feeling really good and renewed. After reading your information, I believe I am on the 'RIGHT' road now. I have bookmarked your website and will use it as much as possible."

"I was searching for answers through the Bible on the internet and came across your sight. Your "What Does the Bible Say About....Evil In The World" has been very helpful in a uncertain time. Thank God for your site." D.D.

"Thank you for answering my question. Everything I found in the Bible on my own did not answer exactly what I wanted to know. You were able to do so. I greatly appreciate it and will keep this in my soul. Again, thank you." E. L.

"This site came when I was really doubting God. I know that's not right. Thank you so much for having this site. Your site is one of my favorite places." D. M.

"This Web site has been a great help to me when pursuing answers to question about prayer and salvation, I also use it quite often to locate Bible verses when I am writing letters to friends. I recently witnessed to a good friend of mine, and this site provided great verses which dealt with the power of praying for others. Thank you!"

"Very well thought out web site and very good resource for those of us new to religion. I have passed your web site information on to my preacher who I also hope will enjoy your site." C.S.

Your site is great...especially for those of us renewing our faith and needing an "update" on the "basics". I.P.

"I like your answers to questions page. It is very helpful in explaining things to my children."

"With all of the garbage that's on the web, I am glad that Christ is being well represented in this medium. I support and applaud your ministry for having the vision and the divine initiative to pursue this tremendous opportunity to reach the next generation with the gospel." J. G.

"This is a great response to the great commission!" K.T.

"Thank you for staying on the cutting edge and letting your light shine on the internet. I find myself now using the internet more and daily pulling up your web site." R.M.

"This is the best site that I've come across since I've been on the Internet. Thank you for creating it."

"I must first give honor to God for giving you the guidance in establishing this ministry. Of all the things that one can read on the Internet, this has been the most inspirational thing I have come across. After reading this site, my basket has been increased abundantly. Now I must go and spread the wisdom to my family first and then whomever the Lord puts in my path." M.R.

"Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare." Psalm 75:1

As we have declared the wondrous works that God is doing through this site, our prayer is that all the honor goes to Him! Should the Lord speak to you in regard to assist in is this ministry please go to the BIBLE PARTNER link for information as how you can help spread the Gospel. As we labor together in fulfilling the Great Commission, we know that the Lord will reward all who have reached out in His name. Our prayer is that each one of us will hear Jesus, our Master say, "... Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord" (Matthew 25:20).

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