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This webpage is created for the sole purpose of exploring the central, (and most misunderstood) Person of human history. Who is Jesus Christ?   Our perception of Him is the basis for our relationship (or lack of it) with Him.   May we all perceive Him as He really is!

"Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.  And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.   Do you believe this?'
" John 11: 25-26


How to Know Jesus:  If you came here seeking Jesus click here to know him personally.

Biblical Prophecies Concerning Jesus Christ:  Everything about Jesus; from where He would be born, to how He would die was written in the Old Testament, hundreds and thousands of years before His birth.

All the Names of Jesus: The names and titles of Jesus as listed in the Bible.

Read about Jesus in the New Testament

The Blood of Jesus: What the Bible Says About The Blood of Jesus

Jesus Film Project (View and Hear the life of Jesus in 50 languages) If you have audio and video capabilities, you can watch the movie of Jesus' life, in your own language.

The Four Spiritual Laws That Lead You to Jesus:  You can discover the way to know Jesus in over 140 different languages.


His Intimate Presence: A document that will especially appeal to Muslims and those with a Chinese background, as well as many others.  Check it out!

Jesus, The Mercy of God: The Qu'ran speaks of Jesus. This message is especially for Muslims who desire to know the truth.

Way of Forgiveness: This article outlines the way of forgiveness in a format especially for Muslims.


Jesus/Isa (pbuh), Tuhan sang Pemurah: The article "Jesus, the Mercy of God" translated into the Indonesian language "Bahasa."

garden_small.jpg (1450 bytes) More to come! We have many more documents that we will continue to add to this page, so please come back and visit it frequently!

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