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Jesus promised his followers a victorious life, but many believers have not been able to walk there because of a lack of knowledge. The enemy has hindered or stopped many committed Christians because they have not received the foundational teachings in the doctrine of Christ.

If you want to grow in the knowledge of God, CHRIST UNLIMITED's Overcoming Life Series will help you lay the proper foundation or fill in the gaps in areas where needed, so you can go on to perfection in Christ. You will be equipped for spiritual warfare and learn to win your battles over the enemy, as you apply the Word of God to your daily life.

In addition to the Overcoming Life Series, CHRIST UNLIMITED also has two books in the End Times Series available.

We have made the Overcoming Life Series available in many formats so you may choose any portion or the complete course to fit your need. You may download this Bible Study or if you prefer hard copy books you may purchase individual books, book & workbook sets or the entire condensed Bible Study material (see below). These are available in printed form, or electronic books on 3 1/2" diskette. The Electronic Bible Study using the ACROBAT reader requires a 386 or above processor and Windows 3.1 or above. The ACROBAT reader requires a good working knowledge of Windows. Click here to view a SAMPLE OF BIBLE STUDY MATERIAL

If you're interested in ordering Bibles, we have some of the most popular Bibles available at a 10% discount over retail price. Click here to view: BIBLE CATALOG.

Overcoming Life Series

Prove All Things

Jesus warned that great deception would be one of the signs of the end times. This book will give you clear Scriptural guidelines on how to discern the Spirit of Truth from the spirit of error. You will learn how to recognize false teachers and false prophets, as well as how to judge without being judgmental.

Item #PAT (Paperback Book only) --$5.00
#PATE (Electronic Book IBM 3 1/2" disk)--$5.00
#PATW (Paperback Book & Workbook set) --$15.00
#PATWE (IBM 3 1/2" disk Electronic Book & Workbook set) --$10.00

The True God

This book will show you the character of God, explaining why He does certain things and why it is against His nature to do other things. You will learn to differentiate between the things for which God is responsible and the things for which the devil is responsible. You also will learn about your responsibilities as a Christian.

Item #TTG (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00.
#TTGE (Electronic Book IBM 3 1/2" Disk)--$5.00
#TTGW (Paperback Book & Workbook set)--$15.00
#TTGWE (IBM 3 1/2" disk Electronic Book & Workbook set) --$10.00

The Will of God

The first step to doing the will of God is knowing His will. Learn how to know the will of God for your personal life, your family, your ministry, and your finances. Find out why God allows sin, sickness, and suffering in the world. As overcomers, Christians are not supposed to suffer under many things which have been accepted as normal.

Item #TWG (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00
#TWGE (Electronic Book IBM 3 1/2" disk)--$5.00
#TWGW (Paperback Book & Workbook set)--$15.00
#TWGWE (IBM 3 1/2" disk Electronic Book & Workbook set) --$10.00

Keys to the Kingdom

This book will show you how to gain authority in God's Kingdom through prayer. By applying these principles and methods, you will have a rich prayer life. Topics include praying in the Spirit, fasting and prayer, travailing prayer, praise, intercession, and spiritual warfare.

Item #KTK (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00
#KTKE (Electronic Book IBM 3 1/2" disk)--$5.00
#KTKW (Paperback Book & Workbook set)--$15.00
#KTKWE (IBM 3 1/2" disk Electronic Book & Workbook set) --$10.00

Exposing Satan's Devices

This is a powerful expose of Satan's tricks, tactics and lies. Learn how to detect occultic practices and deceptions. Demonic activity and deliverance are detailed, as well as how to cast out devils. Equip yourself for spiritual warfare and discernment.

Item #ESD (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00
#ESDE (Electronic Book IBM 3 1/2" disk)--$5.00
#ESDW (Paperback Book & Workbook set)--$15.00
#ESDWE (IBM 3 1/2" disk Electronic Book & Workbook set) --$10.00

Healing of the Spirit, Soul and Body

Learn how to receive divine healing for emotional as well as physical problems. When you discover how to renew the carnal mind and walk in the Spirit of Life, you will overcome depression, loneliness, fear and other attacks of the enemy.

Item #HSS (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00
#HSSE (Electronic Book IBM 3 1/2" disk)--$5.00
#HSSW (Paperback Book & Workbook set)--$15.00
#HSSWE (IBM 3 1/2" disk Electronic Book & Workbook set) --$10.00

Neither Male Nor Female

What is the woman's role in the church? Who is a woman's spiritual head and covering? Does God call women to the five-fold ministry? Find out what God's Word says about divorce, celibacy, choosing a marriage partner, and other related topics.

Item #NMF (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00
#NMFE (Electronic Book IBM 3 1/2" disk)--$5.00
#NMFW (Paperback Book & Workbook set)--$15.00
#NMFWE (IBM 3 1/2" disk Electronic Book & Workbook set) --$10.00

Extremes or Balance?

Many Christians have hurt the cause of Christ through out-of-balance teachings and demonstrations. Learn how to avoid those areas and walk in balance. This teaching also deals with excesses and extremes in the Body of Christ.

Item #EOB (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00
#EOBE (Electronic Book IBM 3 1/2" disk)--$5.00
#EOBW (Paperback Book & Workbook set)--$15.00
#EOBWE (IBM 3 1/2" disk Electronic Book & Workbook set) --$10.00

The Pathway Into the Overcomer's Walk

Can a Christian lose his salvation? What is the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit? What are the overcomer's rewards? This book provides the answers to these questions and others you will face as you press toward the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

Item #POW (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00
#POWE (Electronic Book IBM 3 1/2" disk)--$5.00
#POWW (Paperback Book & Workbook set)--$15.00
#POWWE (IBM 3 1/2" disk Electronic Book & Workbook set) --$10.00

End Times Series

Personal Spiritual Warfare

Betty Miller's classic book gives you what you need to overcome personal problems, such as financial troubles, marital strife, rebellious children, plus the pressures of fear, anger, hurts, etc. Take hold of the keys to victory in your spiritual life through spiritual warfare. (Available in hardcopy only.)
Item #PSW (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00.

Mark of God or Mark of the Beast

Much has been said on the subject of the mark of the beast, but little has been written about the mark of God. Will there be a literal mark tattooed on people's foreheads and/or their hands in these end times to make it possible to buy and sell in a one-world monetary system that is being set up by antichrist? What does 666 mean? Learn how Christians are to receive God's mark to protect us from destruction. (Available in hardcopy only.)
Item #MOG (Paperback Book only) -- $5.00.

Quantity Special For The Entire Bible Study Course

The Condensed Bible Study Series of The Overcoming Life is comprised of 9 books in the Overcoming Life Series plus 9 workbooks that go with them. You may order these in paperback copies, or you may order any of the new electronic versions. The electronic versions have have been reduced to $50.00 for the entire Bible Study in the format of your choice.

ORDER Item #OLS (The Entire Bible Study Series of 18 paperback books; spiral bound)--$125.00
(These are best for class study or for those you prefer to read and work with hard copy materials.)

ORDER Item #OLSSE (The Entire Bible Study on two 3 1/2" disks. IBM compatible in digitized Book Reader form)--$50.00
(We recommend the digitized Book Reader form for novice computer users. This is a DOS program. Requires no hard drive space.)

ORDER Item #OLSE (The Entire Bible Study on 3 1/2" disks; Specify: MACINTOSH or IBM with Acrobat Reader)--$50.00
(We recommend this study with Acrobat Reader for users familiar with Windows. It requires Windows 3.1 or above and a 386 or above processor. Requires about 3 megs of hard disk space.)

ORDER Item #OLSD (The Entire Bible Study available for download now with Acrobat Reader) -- $50.00

ORDER Other Items (Book Titles and Book/Workbook Sets can also be ordered individually from the Bible School Series
if you only have limited time for study or you may just be interested in a certain subject).


Overcoming Life Digest Book & Tape Review Special Offer

AMERICA'S LAST CALL By David Wilkerson This is David Wilkerson's latest book that is a warning to America that this nation rests on the brink of a financial holocaust. Brother David, as a "watchman on the wall," gives a prophectic warning to our country. His cry is based, not on any personal prophetic revelation, but rather on a sound scriptural basis as to how God has dealt with sinful and wicked nations in the past. This book states that although America is facing judgement for her many sins and abominations; as Christians, we can rejoice in God's promises of faithfulness to his people in trying times. There is still time to prepare for the days ahead and this book will help all that are willing to seek God's will in the hour of national judgement.

BROTHER TO BROTHER Recording by John Michael Talbot and Michael Card Those who are a fan of serious acoustic guitar playing, and instruments such as the Uillean Pipes, hammer dulcimer, and cello will find this work especially pleasing. Throughout the entire recording, one is reminded of the majesty and glory of God, while feeling at the same time His tenderness and humility. John Michael Talbot is a Catholic monk who has been on the Christian singer/songwriter scene for approximately two decades now. His rich voice, intricate guitar work and masterful songwriting have made him a favorite Christian singer. Michael Card carries the same sort of musical torch, writing powerful songs from the simplicity of Scripture and playing a variety of instruments including the guitar and harp.

#BTB-CD BROTHER TO BROTHER -- $15.00 (Special Price for CD)

#BTB-CT BROTHER TO BROTHER -- $11.00 (Special Price for cassette tape)


BUSINESS BY THE BOOK By Larry Burkett "Business by the Bible?!" To some businessmen and women the thought itself is as incompatible as oil and water. "Bankruptcy," they say, "would be the ultimate outcome." "Not so," says Larry Burkett. "Over the long run, biblical principles do work. Take the example of the Japanese, for instance. General Douglas MacArthur, as military governor of Japan after World War II, established many basic biblical doctrines as part of the Japanese business ethic. This highly efficient system of labor/management cooperation, combined with the Japanese fierce national loyalty, propelled the Japanese beyond their teacher."



GOD'S PLAN IN THE COMING DEPRESSION -- By David Wilkerson You will read about a number of topics in this book that will help you to understand what is happening in this country. Some of these topics are: The lessons we never learned from the Great Depressing of the 1930s -- Overcoming fear in perilous times -- How to prosper in hard times, God's way -- How to prepare for the coming depression (spiritually and physically) -- God's covenant promise to preserve and provide for his people in the worst of the coming chaos -- Scriptures to live by in perilous times -- Resting in Jesus in hard times.



POSSESSING THE GATES OF THE ENEMY By Cindy Jacobs This book is a "Training Manual For Militant Intercession." Today's praying Church is rising up in militant force to possess the promised land of our nations. Possessing the Gates of the Enemy is a training manual for God's prayer army. This manual is needed because a tremendous spirit of prayer is being poured out -- worldwide. Intercessory prayer groups are springing up across the nations. This book will assist in giving earnest intercessors biblical instruction in spiritual warfare. Not only is it informative, but compassionate as well, directing God's prayer warriors in the proper way to engage in spiritual battles. Dr. C. Peter Wagner of Fuller Theological Seminary says of this book, "I know of no other book like this one".



THE COMING REVIVAL By Dr. Bill Bright America's Call to Fast, Pray, and "Seek God's Face." The message of this book, written in 1995, grows increasingly timely each year. Quoting Bill Bright, "In this critical hour, nothing is more important than fasting, praying, repenting, and seeking God's face. Our nation is in a moral free-fall and desperately needs God's intervention; the Great Commission is near fulfillment; the greatest spiritual harvest in history is within our grasp. We are asking God to send revival to our nation and the world to enable us to fulfill the Great Commission."



THE DOCTOR AND THE WORD By Reginald Cherry, M.D. With so many people seeking alternate medicine today, this book provides a wonderful balance for those who know God uses doctors as well as prayer to bring healing to our bodies. Advice is given to the spiritual man as well as the physical man. The entire man is ministered to--spirit, soul and body. He truly is using the Word of God as a guideline. So many alternate approaches to health and healing today have a mixture of New Age deceptive practices that can ensnare people in the underlying false doctrines of that movement. There is no mixture of New Age philosophy in his book. Dr. Cherry's warm inviting style will help you to grasp hard to understand medical concepts. The miraculous testimonies of his own patients will build your faith and his practical medical guide will get you started on your pathway to healing today.



THE ETERNAL CHURCH By Dr. Bill Hamon This book gives a panoramic view of the Church from its birth to its ministry in the age to come. This is not just another book on church history but rather reveals the plan and purpose for the church as she is brought into full maturity.If you are one who is interested in the present move of God through the Holy Spirit, this book will be of great value to you. It not only reveals how the church age will consummate in these end times but deals with the eternal church's destiny throughout the ages. It uniquely gives us a picture and overview of all of God's saints throughout the ages and their role in the eternal church also.



THE FEAR OF THE LORD By John Bevere God is doing a holy work of restoration in His people across the globe in this hour. As glorious as it is, there is another wave of His spirit coming and it will be marked by holy reverence, and experienced only by those who yearn for God's face more than the blessings of His hands. If you are longing for a missing ingredient in your day-to-day relationship with the Lord, open this book and let Him minister a strong and healing word to your spirit. It is a book you will not be able to put down very easily, or read very fast! Bevere is a modern-day prophet with a timeless message for today's church. His word is not only for this hour—although this is God's message to the Church right now. The profound and simple message of this book transcends the 1990's and will continue to gain the acceptance and application of the Church as we enter into the next millennium.



THE HARVEST By Rick Joyner This book details a vision that Rick had concerning the end times. A brief summary of this vision was first circulated in 1987. It quickly found its way into major periodicals and countless newsletters, reaching millions in just a little over a year. It has been called "a prophetic word for the nineties" by major Christian leaders. Rick Joyner is the founder of MorningStar Publications located in Charlotte,North Carolina. This book promotes a message of devotion to Christ and preparation for the coming harvest.

#TH THE HARVEST -- $10.99


THEIR BLOOD CRIES OUT By Paul Marshall Published in 1997, this book is full of up-to-date information and many personal testimonies of those who live in areas of religious persecution all over the world. The author not only reports what the media has not reported, but he also looks deeper into the issues of persecution of Christians in general. He offers answers as to why it is being ignored by the media and academia, as well as much of the Western church. This book is a great tool; not only for intercessors, but also for those who are interested in cross-cultural ministry and evangelism. Perhaps one of the greatest triumphs of this book is that it effectively destroys the popular myth that most Christians are "Western, white and male." Smashing stereotypes and misconceptions right and left, this book is extremely well-written and broad in its scope.



TURMOIL IN THE TOY BOX By Phil Phillips Phil Phillips seeks to make people aware of what is happening today in the toy and cartoon industry. He demonstrates how the occult, violence and heavy sexual overtones in this sort of entertainment are affecting our children. The book not only takes an in-depth look at the toy and cartoon industry, but also provides the proper tools needed to assist the reader in the assimilation of knowledge to help in the proper guidance of children, thereby avoiding the traps within the media. Although not every toy or cartoon series is covered, Turmoil in the Toy Box is the most thoroughly researched and balanced exposť available today in its field.



WAR ON THE SAINTS (Hardback Unabridged Edition) By Jessie Penn-Lewis with Evan Roberts The Original
Editors write,"War on the Saints, as the only book of its kind, has no competition or comparison. It will equip its
conscientious reader for two things: how not to be ignorant of the devil's devices and how to be more than a
conqueror over him." Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand (Eph 6:13). This is a classic book written at the turn of the century during the Welsh Revival.

#WOS (WAR ON THE SAINTS Unabridged Edition in Hardback) -- $14.95

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