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Scientific research has finally proven what God has proclaimed in his Word! Learning and memorizing Scripture actually changes the way you think and respond to life's events.

In the past, memorizing scripture has been difficult and tedious. But Bible By Heart™ makes slow and tedious tools like memory cards and constant repetition a thing of the past.

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Just 3 Easy Steps To Bible Memorization!

1. Bible By Heart™ links you directly to the Read the Bible section of the website (internet access required). Simply pick the version of the Bible you want to read and select the verses you want to memorize. There’s no limit to the number of verses you can memorize with the system!

2. Use the intuitive, easy-to-use tools in Bible By Heart™ to highlight the verses you want to memorize and turn them into a set of Memory Questions that are stored on your computer.

3. Use the software to quiz yourself on the questions until you have memorized the verse. The patented quizzing system uses research-proven strategies to accelerate the memorization of verses. Instead of repeating the verse dozens of times, you simply spend a few minutes a day on several different days working with the system to easily memorize the verse.

BrainX: Learn fast. Remember more.
Building on the results of over 200 research studies on the neurobiology of memory formation, BrainX has created revolutionary software that accelerates the learning of any information. The BrainX Digital Learning System is currently being used by students and professionals like doctors and CPAs to quickly learn new material and study for exams. Now this software has been applied to the study of the Bible and Scripture memorization, so you can benefit from permanently learning God’s Word!

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Because it’s built on BrainX’s patented Digital Learning System, Bible By Heart™ can be used to accelerate the learning of any information. The software lets you input material that gets converted into powerful learning questions, walks you through learning the material, and then helps you strategically quiz yourself and assess your progress. You can print out or even stop a study session and resume exactly where you left off at your convenience. Go at your own pace, measure your performance, and get the most out of your study time!

Join the Bible by HeartTM Club and receive FREE memory verses every month for a year! The verses download into your copy of the Bible by HeartTM software so you can use the built-in tutor to quickly master the verses.

Here is how it works:
  1. AFTER you have completed the purchase of your Bible By Heart Software, you must go to the Bible By Heart Club Registration web page and fill out the form located at
  2. The first step in the memorization process is to gain a deep understanding of a verse by studying the verse or reading a commentary. The verses you receive each month will be accompanied by a personal commentary written by Betty Miller, or one of our Bible scholars. Read the commentary to gain an in-depth understanding of the verse and then use the Bible by Heart system to easily memorize the verses.
  3. This membership is available for free to everyone who purchases the Bible by Heart system from Click here to order Bible by Heart, and then fill out the registration form below with your name and the e-mail address we should use to send you the memory verses each month.

System Requirements:
Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP / Pentium Class Processor, 166 MHz or greater 64 MB of RAM / 200 MB free disk space / Internet connection for registration/activation only.